Constitutional Amendments

The Libertarian Party of Lake County takes the following positions on the 2018 constitutional amendments:

Amendment 1: No Position
While this amendment does reduce property taxes for some, we have reservations about the fact it is only for the home value from $100,000-$150,000.

Amendment 2: Yes
We fully support a cap on property tax increases.

Amendment 3: No
This amendment would require voters from across the state to approve any expansion of casino gambling.

Amendment 4: Yes
We fully support restoration of voting rights to non violent felons once time is served.

Amendment 5: Yes
We are opposed to taxation and, therefore, support making it harder to raise taxes and fees.

Amendment 6: No Position
This amendment has too many things going on that are not connected. There are also some concerns about the language that is being removed. We would support raising the forced retirement age for judges, though.

Amendment 7: No
There are many things in this amendment that should be separate. We do not support establishing the state college system in the constitution.

Amendment 8: No* Removed from ballot
This amendment would have allowed the state control of things that the local school boards should be managing.

Amendment 9: No** May be removed from ballot
We strongly oppose this amendment as it forces private property owners to ban vaping in their establishments. It’s very telling that they tried tying this to the offshore drilling ban.

Amendment 10: No
This amendment creates a new state government office. We do not need more government.

Amendment 11: No** May be removed from ballot
This amendment has a lot bundled in it and may be removed from the ballot because of it. It touches on property rights of “aliens ineligible for citizenship”, remove wording approving a high speed rail system and remove the state’s Savings Clause.

Amendment 12: No
This is an infringement on the rights of those affected.

Amendment 13: No Position
This amendment would end commercial dog racing involving wagering but allow those locations to continue other gambling that they currently are only allowed to have if they do have dog racing. There are good arguments to be made for and against this amendment so we have decided to take no official position.